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April 2018 Residential Statistics

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Check out this April’s Residential Market Statistics, and 12 Month Trend by Market. Regional sales down, but average sale prices rose slightly.  With 3.2 months of supply in Niagara + Dunnville, and 2.6 months of supply in Hamilton, Stoney Creek and Ancaster, we are still in a Seller’s Market.

St Catharines average sale price rose 5.5% and unit sales fell 23.5%.

Niagara on theLake saw a 51.5% drop in unit sales, and a 1.2% decrease in average sale price.

Niagara Falls’ average sale price increased 1.2% and unit sales fell 26.3%.

Fort Erie had a 26.3% decrease in unit sales, and a 8.0% increase in average sale price.

Thorold had a 39.2% decrease in unit sales over last year, and a 6.7% decrease in average sale price.

Pelham’s average sale price increased 12.2% and unit sales decreased 37.5%.

Welland also saw a 23.8% decrease in unit sales and an average sale price increase of 8.9%.

Port Colborne’s average sale price increase to 26.1% over last year, and unit sales fell 23.7%.

Lincoln saw 27.3% decrease in unit sales and an increase of 0.7% in average sale price.

West Lincoln had an 7.0% decrease in average sale price, and unit sales dropped 19.4%

Grimsby had a 4.5% decrease in average sale price and unit sales dropped 4.4%.

Dunnville had a decrease in unit sales at 40.6%, but average sale price rose 20.0%.

Hamilton’s average sale price dropped 0.8%, and unit sales dropped 33.0%.

Ancaster unit sales decreased 29.2%, and average sale price decreased 3.6% over last year.

Stoney Creek’s unit sales and average sale price dropped, unit sales down 24.0% average sale price down 9.5%.

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