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COVID-19 Listing Letter

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Thank you for your interest in our property. Please see the following instructions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Buyers (prior to booking a personal viewing):

  • Prior to scheduling a property showing, we urge all buyers to view the photographs/video tour of the property attached to this listing.


  • Please post attached sign requesting by appointment only.

  • Do not allow anyone into the property without a confirmed appointment.

  • For all confirmed appointments, please leave all lights on and any doors/closets/etc are to be left open to allow a buyer to view the property without touching any surfaces.

  • Please leave the property during all showings.

  • Please wipe down all exterior door handles prior to showing.

Showing requirements for Buyers:

  • Prior to confirming the property showing the buyer(s) and REALTOR® must complete amd supply to the listing REALTOR® the Declaration Form below.

  • Please ensure the following:

    • No one will be permitted to attend the showing if they have recently travelled outside of Canada.

    • No one attending the showing (i.e. your clients, you) has had any of the following symptoms in the last 14 days: fever, dry cough, shortness of breath, or difficulty breathing.

    • No one attending the showing (i.e. your clients, you) has come in contact with anyone with self isolation (voluntary or involuntary).

    • Prior to entering the home or touching the lockbox, we ask that you practice safe hygiene by disinfecting your hands/gloves. Buyer's REALTOR® please bring sanitizing wipes.During the property showing, please ask your Buyer's to place their hands in their pockets.

    • We require that you limit touching as much as possible.

    • All interior doors will be open and lights will also be on. We ask that you do not close any doors or turn off the lights.

    • Do not use the washroom facilities during your viewing.

    • Showings shall be limited to only the buyers and shall not include additional family members, friends or children unless there are exceptional circumstances and prior arrangements are made with the listing agent.

    • Showing REALTORS agree to disinfect any surfaces accidently touched, all door handles that have been touched and the lockbox.If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact the listing agent.

Information to Sellers after showings:

  • Disinfect the lockbox, all doorknobs, surfaces, light switches and counters with antibacterial/germ killing cleaners.

  • Turn off all lights and close doors.

  • Listing REALTOR will track all declaration forms for REALTORS® and Buyers.

Helpful Links:
Link to Declaration form:

We have the Declaration form available in DocuSign - contact the listing agent to have it sent to you for electronic signature. 
Link to Property Sign for Sellers:

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