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September 2020 Residential Statistics

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The real estate market across Niagara / Haldimand / Hamilton has rebounded nicely to start Fall 2020.  Looks like it is going to be a great Fall!

Niagara & Dunnville inventory is currently very low as we have had a 20% decrease in new listings this year and currently sit at approximately 2 months of inventory (signalling a strong sellers market).  Unit Sales are on par with 2019 and average sale price continues to climb (+18% ytd).  The luxury market (1M+) has improved with over 289 sales ytd.   

The Hamilton real estate market has a similar story with 18% fewer listings year to date and only 1.3 months of inventory (strong sellers market).  Unit sales are on par with 2019 and average sale price is up 16%.  278 Luxury Houses (1M+) have sold ytd.Average rent in all combined areas has surpassed $2000 / month and many new home/condo projects are well underway across the peninsula. 



Unit sales: 56%

Average sale Price: 20%


Niagara Falls

Unit sales: 11%

Average sale price 16%


Fort Erie

Unit sales: 20%

Average sale price: 29%


St. Catharines

Unit sales: -4%

Average sale price: 14%



Unit sales: 21%

Average sale price: 14%



Unit sales: 28%

Average sale price: 17%



Unit sales: 3%

Average sale price: 20%


Port Colborne

Unit sales: 5%

Average sale price: 25%



Unit sales: 9%

Average sale price: 22%


West Lincoln

Unit sales: 6%

Average sale price: 7%



Unit sales: 3%

Average sale price: 12%



Unit sales: 17%

Average sale price: 15%



Unit sales: -2%

Average sale price: 15%



Unit sales: 25%

Average sale price: 11%


Stoney Creek

Unit sales: 20%

Avergae sale price: 15%



Unit sales: -4%

Average sale price: 12%