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Janice Carter

Janice Carter
When choosing the right real estate agent for you it is important to understand the agents background and how it translates to valuable service for you. Please see a quick review of my previous work and education history and how it translates to helping you. Business Analyst – Accenture Business Services. As a business analyst it was my job to document company needs for information technology upgrades and training updates for a local utility company. I learned how to read between the lines to determine what was really needed by company executives. Sometimes its not about what they say they want, but its about the end result they wish to accomplish. I am very skilled in figuring out the difference. This allows me to take your stated wants and needs for a property and dig deeper to your ultimate lifestyle goals and find the property that perfectly suited to your not just your needs but your lifestyle. Mortgage Agent – LTG Morgages- I have an deep understanding of the institutional and private lending culture in the Niagara Real Estate Market. I understand the fundamentals of financing and can point you in the right direction to assist you in finding the right financing fit for your unique situation. I am not a Mortgage agent, I am a Real Estate agent but my past experience can benefit you. My education consists of a Business Administration and Marketing Degree. This knowledge gives me the skill-sets needed to market your property effectively and create streamlined processes to make the purchase and sale of your home or business a smooth transaction. I am looking forward to using my acquired skill-sets to service your real estate needs in the Niagara region. I love my Job and it shows in my enthusiasm for my work. If you are looking for an agent with your best interests at heart and the experience to back it up contact me anytime.


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