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Population: 133,115

St. Catharines

There are many reasons why the Garden City is a great place to call home! St. Catharines offers all the amenities of city life while maintaining its small town warmth and charm. This vital area of the Niagara Region has a lot to offer its residents whether they are young families or retirees. St. Catharines boasts a vibrant downtown business area with fine local restaurants and cafes, as well as the new Meridian Centre Sports Complex and the new Brock Centre for the Arts. In addition to public beaches residents can also enjoy many public libraries and recreation centres, well maintained parks and numerous festivals throughout the year such as the Grape and Wine festival which takes place every autumn. Port Dalhousie, located on the southern shores of Lake Ontario, is a quaint historic harbour-front village and is also the terminus of the first three Welland canals which were built in 1820. For almost 100 years, Port Dalhousie has been home to the Royal Canadian Henley Regatta in which rowers from all over the world come to compete. Port Dalhousie features two historic light houses built in the late 1800’s as well as a beautiful antique carousel which visitors can ride for the price of 5 cents each, as well as, a public beach, lakeside marina, and many shops and restaurants.

Royal LePage Offices

33 Maywood Ave.
St. Catharines, ON. L2R 1C5
905 688 4561

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